Patricia Woods is an author, Christ follower, and Renaissance woman living in a high tech world and a former award-winning journalist and editor. Her work appeared in newspapers, regional and national magazines, academic journals and online publications.

She loved working on small weeklies. “There is nothing like having someone plop into the chair on the other side of your desk eyeballing you while ranting about your perceived faults. When someone dislikes an editorial, they don’t hesitate to come in and drop their opinion on you. Like it or not, it goes with the territory of being in the thick of things on weekly newspapers in smaller communities. Up front and personal is the style every day!”

“The other plus of community journalism, back in the day before Smartphones and social media, is that you learn to write about everything under the sun. I wrote about agribusiness, small businesses, education, politics, personal finance and the arts. I’ve written about school principals and pumpkin farmers, fracking and why wind drives us nuts, weddings, engagements and obituaries. It was great training for learning how to talk to people about anything and everything. Literally.”







Transitioning from journalist to book author is another step in this writing journey for Woods. Her nonfiction books are available on Amazon in paper or on Kindle and at Barnes and Noble. Now her time is spent in the fiction world of romance, complete with broken hearts and happy endings. All that drama in the news business is just grist for the mill of writing stories about people falling in and out of love.







Woods is also a classical pianist and organist and says some of her best ideas show up when she’s playing those daily finger exercises. Creative thoughts breed more creative thoughts!

She lives with her family in New Mexico.