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DeadBeforeYouKnowIt_CoverDead Before You Know It

This book is a common sense, practical and easy-to-do solution to a problem. Before you die, you must find, gather, sort and file your important papers in one place. Keep your family happy and praising your name by organizing the stuff of your life into a system that is easily accessible and user-friendly, so the family can take care of all those papers after you are gone. Dead Before You Know It helps you tidy up your personal papers and allows you to leave a great family legacy of thoughtfulness.

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Rejoice Emmanuel: Advent Meditations and Prayersbookcoverimage-rejoice-emmanuel

As Christians get ready to celebrate Christmas, they begin by journeying through Advent, the season that prepares us for the coming of Jesus Christ. This devotional gives the history of Advent and its traditions, scripture readings for each day, and reflections on Jesus’ birth, life and resurrection. You can experience God’s love for you, joy, hope and peace by focusing on Jesus. The uplifting moments will guide you and brighten your days as you walk toward Christmas.Rejoice and look to the coming of the Savior.

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HidingUnderTheTable (1)Hiding Under the Table

$300.00 a day food habit, 300 laxatives a day, prostitution: These are a few of the ways Dennis Henning numbed himself to deal with his “silent killer”, an eating disorder. This is the raw, uncompromising account of a man who suffered from an eating disorder, and how for years the medical establishment would not take his anguish seriously because he was a male. This is his true and unfiltered story, from the evolution of his crushing addictions to how he finally recognized that he had to take responsibility for his own recovery.

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