The latest news here? I am moving out of strictly nonfiction books. You will begin to see the progress of a romance writer on a new journey. Please read the post I wrote on April 26, 2017 to peer at the short version of how this came about. Stay tuned for more news and thank you for reading!

So what’s with the videos?
I know you all love to watch short takes on YouTube and, God help us all, there are more than any sane person has time to watch. I thought it would be fun to add interesting videos that have something to do with art or writing. Now, by art I usually mean painting since that is what I feature in my books. But the pianist in me just could not resist something about playing classical music on the piano. After all, it is my own sanity restorer!
Most of all I hope you will find things that delight you, cause you to think, or remind you that God has created a beautiful world for us and there are endless expressions of beauty to behold.
Enjoy the videos and may they lead you to find your own videos to share.

You can see the videos under the heading of videos.
Happy viewing!